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Portsmouth LGBTQ & Transgender Counseling

Distress can occur when one does not feel that their inner, true, self-matches what is presented to the outside world. This distress may continue as people transition and feel that they do not have the support for this emotional task. Counseling has helped many people feel supported and cared for during their journey towards self-discovery and happiness.

Transitioning can be full of decisions and uncertainty. Decisions of when to come out to friends and family, whether to choose to medically transition and which procedures are right for you. Talking to an objective person that can offer empathy and understanding can help through these decisions and process feelings while making these decisions.

People who define themselves as transgender, gender fluid, gender queer, and etc, also find struggles with discrimination in the workplace, school, and community. Others may lack the knowledge and sensitivity to accept and understand their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. The LGBTQ population face lack of legal protection, poverty, harassment, and violence.

Payment Options


Cash & Personal Checks Accepted  as well

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